Best Miele Vacuums

Top Miele Vacuums

When purchasing appliances and cleaning tools for your home, you want something that will last a long time and deliver the power and convenience you need. At the same time, you may prefer an item that comes with back-saving features or extras. Finding the right vacuum might be important because you have pets or children.

Miele is a German manufacturing company that specializes in designing innovative home appliances. We believe in striving to outdo ourselves and the competition at every turn. We work hard to build revolutionary products that offer useful benefits for buyers. Sustainable production to keep the environment clean and safe for future generations is also important to our brand.

High-quality manufacturing, dependability, and long-lasting equipment are just a few of the things that set Miele apart from other vacuum cleaner manufacturers. We have over 120 years of experience in improving our brand. We build product lines that last for decades. Our family-owned company is proud to remain fast to our commitment to being “forever better”.

10 Best Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Choosing between our products means knowing the strengths of each item. Whether you want the total package or a specific type of cleaning power, Miele provides a wide range of options. Check out the individual points for our top 10 Miele Vacuums below.

Best Lightweight Model – Grey Classic C1

Overall grade: B

Weight: 13 pounds (ca. 6 kilograms) with all tools onboard

Parking sides: One

Filter type: 3D AirClean Efficiency GN

Bag size: 4.5 Liters

Attachments: Three pieces with VarioClip

If you need a vacuum that you can carry up and down the stairs, then the Classic C1 Miele vacuum is one of the lightest products on the list. With a powerful Vortex motor, this vacuum can suck up small particles and larger messes. The AirClean system keeps dirt and debris inside the bag at all times. The stainless steel wand expands and collapses, allowing you to reach the top step or dust the railings as you work. This vacuum is a great general cleaning tool to use on hard floors and low pile rugs and carpets.

With the three accessories at your fingers, you can easily swap out the tools you need for the job. The crevice tool is an excellent attachment for sucking up small particles near the doorways of your home or office. To dust items above your head, the circular dusting tool gently lifts the dust off from surfaces sucking it up with the powerful 1,200-watt motor. The upholstery brush is a great tool for cleaning up spills and animal fur on the furniture. The small head lets you control the suction to power out tough dirt.

When you need a sweeper that does not weigh a ton, then the Classic is an excellent pick. The self-retracting cord means there is less bending over helping you save your back. Plus, the rubber wheels help this vacuum glide over thin carpets and rugs with ease. This model is excellent for carpets with small piles and rugs like braided models. Keeping your hardwoods dust-free may be much easier with a handy little vacuum like the Miele Classic.

Best General Cleaning Sweeper – Classic C1 Turbo

Overall grade: B+

Weight: 12.9 pounds (ca. 6 kilograms)

Parking side: One

Filter type: AirClean GN model 3D efficiency

Bag size: 4.5 liters

Attachments: Crevice tool, upholstery brush, and dust nozzle with VarioClip

Having a durable vacuum that you can count on to pick up any mess around the house, garage, office, or car is important to many consumers. The Classic Turbo is a step up from the standard Miele Classic, giving you additional brush power with a turbo motorhead. This cleaning head uses air to power the brush to help remove hair and pet fur.

The same 1,200 Vortex motor gives you plenty of suction and six cleaning modes for various surfaces. You can dust your curtains and blinds with the low setting, and turn up the power to get the dust out of the hallway rug. Between vacuuming, you can use the flat surface setting to dust your hard surfaces like stone or hardwoods.

The large capacity bag size on this vacuum means swapping out filters and bags less often. You can get more done with the Turbo model because it has the power to bust up stains and lift them from your precious materials. The turbo on this model is also great for getting out dust from any attached cushions, ottomans, and covered benches.

Best for Fast Cleanups – Compact C1 Pure Suction

Overall grade: B-

Weight: 14.8 pounds (ca. 7 kilograms)

Park sides: One

Filter type: AirClean FJM 3D Efficiency

Bag size: 3.5 liters

Attachments: Trio set with the VarioClip

Picking up the mess from crafts after dinner or tidying up the office before your next client shows means relying on a handy vacuum. The Compact Pure Suction from Miele gives you six floor settings to select from when sweeping. Whether you need to dust the hardwood before company, or the kids drop a plate of pancakes, this little canister vacuum is convenient to use for everyday cleaning and small enough to store in a hall closet.

This vacuum is one of the most affordable ones in the Miele product line. Whether you need a compact vacuum that you can use to tidy up the conference room between meetings, or something that will pick up after the students leave, this small sweeper can handle it. Plus, when you need to stash it away, the small size means it takes up less room in the closet.

Since this model weighs less than 15 pounds, it makes this vacuum the perfect item to take in the camper. When you need to clean up the RV, then the powerful Vortex motor will suck up all the dust and leaves your family leaves behind. Plus, you can use the attachments to get all the nooks and crannies.

Best Hardwood floor tool – Compact C1 Turbo

Overall grade: A

Weight: 14.8 pounds (ca. 7 kilograms)

Parking side: One

Filter type: 3D Efficiency AirClean FJM

Bag size: 3.5 liters

Attachments: Three that attach to the VarioClip

If you have only hard floors and area rugs, then you might enjoy using a turbo vacuum that gives you the option to use full suction or a gentle touch. This Miele product uses an AllTeQ floorhead that allows you to go from hard floors to rugs without swapping out heads. This feature saves you time and hassle when you are in a big hurry.

The stainless steel cleaning wand extends for reaching every corner. If you have a big house, then this tool will be a huge help. You can extend the wand to get on top of ceiling fans and tall cabinets. Plus, this feature works to remove cobwebs delicately from the corners of your windows.

One of the best things about this Miele vacuum is the AirClean technology. Knowing the house is cleaner, and the air you breathe is healthier with this innovative feature may be important to people with sensitive immune systems or breathing concerns. Since the system uses three filters to ensure a complete seal, your air is cleaner when you vacuum.

Best Shag Carpet Sweeper – Compact C2 Electro Plus

Overall grade: A

Weight: 18.7 pounds (8.48 kilograms)

Parking side: None

Filter type: AirClean FJM 3D Efficiency

Bag size: 3.5 liters

Attachments: Crevice, upholstery, and dust accessories on the VarioClip

Thick carpets take a powerful sweeper to remove dirt and debris all the way to the bottom of the fibers where the most dirt collects. The Electro Plus model uses a motorhead with an electric brush to agitate fibers, letting the 1,200 watts of suction pull up the dirt. This powerful vacuum works on the most dense and tall carpets allowing you to get every floor in your house with the same tool.

This vacuum comes with a soft floorhead for parquet floors. This motorhead uses delicate, synthetic fibers to move around dust. This tool is soft enough for the most expensive flooring and rugs meaning your antique Persian and Turkish rugs are safe. The fibers keep the tool from contacting the surface.

The smaller tank size of the Electro Plus means it will fit well in tiny apartments and homes with little closet space. The HEPA filter will keep your home or business air more breathable with less dust. Plus, this sweeper gets a top grade for powerful suction, small size, and excellent air quality features.

Best Sensitive Floor Cleaner – Complete C2 Hard floor

Overall grade: A

Weight: 19.51 pounds (ca. 9 kilograms)

Parking side: Two

Filter type: AirClean GN 3D Efficiency bags

Bag size: 4.5 liters

Attachments: Yes, with an onboard attachment tray

Stone floors like Travertine and marble are expensive. Using a high-quality vacuum is the only option when your house or office is full of this flooring type. The Complete C2 Hard Floor model comes with a parquet floorhead with delicate synthetic fibers to ensure a thorough dusting for everyday cleaning. This tool provides a delicate touch while letting the powerful suction do the hard work of removing dust and debris.

The Complete Hard Floor model from Miele uses a convertible powerhead. The adjustable heights let you cover any surface between hard floors and medium-pile rugs like braided or fringed rugs while protecting your precious surfaces. Instead of taking the time to swap out the heads, you can put the vacuum in park and chase the kids, grab the phone, or catch the dog before he comes into the room with mud all over his paws.

The large filter bag on this model gives you more time between bag changes. While this may seem insignificant, the larger capacity comes in handy when you have a big mess. If you are a caregiver or new parent, then you will appreciate fewer bags and filter changes.

Best Full Home Clean – Complete C3 Calima

Overall grade: A+

Weight: 20 pounds (ca. 9 kilograms)

Parking side: Dual

Filter type: GN 3D Efficiency AirClean Bags

Bag size: 4.5 liters

Attachments: Triple set with onboard storage

Families needing a thorough cleaning tool that will last for years may appreciate the Calima Complete C3. This vacuum ensures your home air is cleaner when you finish sweeping with a powerful HEPA filtration system and filter bags. Knowing the environment in your home is safe is especially important for people with sensitive breathing and health issues.

This model uses a stiff turbo brush for getting out pet hair and dander while the soft parquet twister makes short work of picking up small debris on your hard surfaces. Having two motorheads to cover all your flooring types with one machine is a big help. The best part is the powerful suction works with both tools, giving you the same filtration and cleaning power for wood and fabric floors.

The handy attachment tray will keep your accessories clean and safe. Many users like the VarioClip for convenience, but some say the tools like to fall off the vacuum if you bump it against something. The contoured handle is another characteristic that is appealing because it is easy for arthritic users to grip and use for long periods.

Best Pet Hair Remover – Complete C3 Cat and Dog

Overall grade: A+

Weight: 20 pounds (ca. 9 kilograms)

Parking side: One

Filter type: AirClean GN 3D Efficiency bags

Bag size: 4.5 liters

Attachments: Upholstery brush, crevice tool, and dust nozzle on the VarioClip

Keeping odors at bay is not a problem with the Cat and Dog Complete C3 Miele vacuum. This product combines trusted HEPA filtration, a sealed cleaning system, and an activated charcoal filter to prevent pet smells from exiting the machine. When you have several pets, this vacuum can be the tool to help you keep your home tidy whether they are shedding or knocking over one of your potted plants.

This tool uses a powerful brush and several suction settings to let you choose the force you need to clean each mess. The versatility and complete cleaning power of this sweeper are why this is our best pet pick. You can suck up deep down dust, or clean delicate items like the slats on your blinds with six suction settings.

The bigger filtration bags for this model mean you spend less time taking out the old one and putting in the new with another filter. This time savings add up when you spend a lot of time cleaning up after your pets. If you have several dogs or cats with long hair, then their fur can take over the house. This Miele vacuum can help you keep these messes under control.

Best Carpet Restoration Tool – Complete C3 Brilliant

Overall grade: A+

Weight: 21 pounds (ca. 10 kilograms)

Parking sides: LED lights on both sides

Filter type: GN AirClean 3D Efficiency

Bag size: 4.5 liters

Attachments: Yes with convenient canister storage

Older carpets and homes with high-traffic rugs that need a little attention may benefit from using the Miele Brilliant. This model vacuum uses a contoured grip for easy use. You can use it as long as you need without worrying about your hands hurting after your cleaning shift or tackling the whole house.

The HEPA filter provides the highest level of air cleaning possible for these vacuums. The system stays shut with a neck seal around the connection between the bag and the hose. The exhaust filter ensures that no motor debris ever enters your atmosphere. Plus, there is a motor filter that stops dust from entering the engine compartment where it can collect and cause damage, overheating, and premature wear.

With foot controls for the automatic cord winding system and the power switch, users do not have to bend over constantly to turn the vacuum on and off. This Miele product may be a great tool for people with bad backs or problems lifting heavy things up and down the stairs. The onboard attachment storage keeps you from constantly picking up tools because you can close the door and keep them secure.

Best Overall Pick – Complete C3 Marin

Overall grade: A++

Weight: 21 pounds (ca. 10 kilograms)

Parking side: Dual

Filter type: AirClean GN Efficiency 3D bags

Bag size: 4.5 liters

Attachments: Three with onboard tray storage

From the longest warranty package to all the bells and whistles, the Marin Complete has everything you need to power out tough stains, lift flat carpets, and get rid of pet hair. The Vortex motor along with the six suction controls give you all the options for every household task your vacuum can handle.

The HEPA filter and sealed system keep your home air clean. Additionally, the AirClean system prevents your vacuum from wearing out too soon by minimizing dust inside the motor. This model comes with LED lights to see under furniture and three cleaning heads to give you plenty of options.

Foot controls, an expandable wand, and fingertip controls with an ergonomic grip are icing on the cake with the Marin. Put the hose on either side when you need to answer the door with the dual parking system. Plus, this model lasts an average of 20 years saving you money overall.

To find out more about these Miele models, check out our individual product review pages. From light cleaning to deep messes, this collection includes every model you need to travel light or power out pet hair. These vacuums give you plenty of features to consider, like the illuminated park system, or the contoured grips with push-button controls.

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