Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction PowerLine

Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Powerline
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Busy people may appreciate a vacuum cleaner that gives them the flexibility to perform a quick sweep on the fly. When you have more time, performing a more thorough job is easier. The versatility of the Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction gives consumers choices when the dog runs through the front door with mud all over his feet. If the kids spill cereal when everyone is already running behind, having a handy little vacuum that is light enough to grab on the go may help.

When a business greets dozens of people each day, things tend to come in on their shoes. Little pebbles, pieces of salt, gravel, mulch, leaves, and gum end up on the floor. To keep the entrance looking welcome and inviting, a quick sweep with this Compact C1 may make a huge difference. People will be staring at the products and not the dirty floor with the strong suction force of the Vortex motor.

Delicate rugs require special care. Most models are not appropriate for cleaning rugs. The beater bars on many vacuums can pull loose threads, causing unsightly damage. People with rugs may appreciate using this model Miele because they design this vacuum to care for carpet pieces and rugs properly.

Users may enjoy going from room to room without worrying about changing cleaning tools. A quick turn of the dial lets the user go from hard floors to low pile carpets easily. A slim metal plate makes the transition smooth while rubber wheels ensure there are no scratches.

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Quick Look At The Miele Powerline Compact C1

Model: Compact C1; Weight: 14.8 pounds (ca. 7 kilograms); Power: 1,200 watts; Accessories: Yes


  • Efficient and powerful Vortex Miele motor
  • Premium quality manufacturing
  • Adjustable cleaning with six modes for various surfaces
  • Specialized settings for cleaning rugs
  • Combination sweeper head for hard and soft floors
  • Long cleaning reach at 29.5 feet (ca. 9 meters)
  • Accessories for crevices, dusting, and cleaning furniture are in the box
  • Genuine dust lock system from Miele featuring AirClean filtration system using a self-sealing bag to trap contents inside
  • Exhaust filter prevents dust from getting back into the air
  • Almost a gallon of room in the bag


  • Not for thick carpets and tall piles
  • Attachment clips may loosen


This portion of the review will provide answers to the top questions about this vacuum cleaner.

Is this vacuum quiet?

At the highest speed, the Compact C1 produces 75 decibels of noise. The Centers for Disease Control say this level is in the annoying category, yet it is still safe to be around while operating. Anything above 85 decibels can damage the ears.

Does it come with attachments?

Yes. This version sweeper comes with three extra pieces you can put on the end of the nozzle. These pieces stay on the hose when not in use via a plastic clip. A dusting brush lets you easily nab pesky dander and dust from shelves, ceiling fans, and crown molding.
A crevice or flat tool is an excellent accessory for getting into deep or hard to reach places. Sucking up leaves out of a cooler from last summer is easy work with this tool. You may like the way you can use this piece in your automobile. It will allow you to get between the seats and keep you from touching the icky messes your kids leave behind.

Is there a HEPA filter on this model?

No. This model comes with the unique Miele filtration bags. These bags hold over three liters of material, giving you ample space for several cleanings before you need to replace them. You can purchase other models with HEPA filtration from Miele.

What bags do I buy for this sweeper?

To find the right bag for the Compact C1, buyers should search for boxes with the code FJM. The top of the bag will have a red ring around the neck of the bag characteristic of the unique sealing system from Miele. These bags are under the name Miele 3D Efficiency bags using the AirClean system.

Is there a light on this machine?

No. There is no light on the machine head or the canister.

How many amps does this unit draw?

This model draws 9.5 amps when in use.

How easy is it to find spare parts for this vacuum?

Miele is a long-standing company. There are many dealers who sell aftermarket parts for these vacuums. You can also look on the Internet or contact the seller for your model.

Can I use this vacuum on a shag carpet?

No. This sweeper is not a tool for high pile carpets. It will not move the fibers far enough to get down to the mat to remove dust and debris at the lowest point of the carpet. This tool is not for deep-cleaning. It will remove surface dust and debris from hardwood floors and rugs. The suction head is specially made to make sure it does not tear up rugs or carpet throws.

Does the cord automatically wind up?

Yes. This model has a retracting cord. This might make cleanup easier when in a hurry because there is no manual winding.

How long is the cord?

For the Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction model, this vacuum uses an 18-foot-long (ca. 5.48 meters) cord. With the hose, cord, and canister, this model vacuum can reach almost 30 feet (ca. 9 meters) across any space.

Can you buy any accessories for this model?

Yes. The turbo air nozzle is available for this sweeper. This attachment may make it easier to power out dust and debris from between cushions or tile grout. It may work well for parquet floor cleaning.

How do you install a new bag in this model?

After you remove the old bag, take a look at the arrows and the red clips. The neck of the bag will slide down into the red clip. There are pointy arrows on the bag and the collar holder. These arrows will match up to put the bag in correct alignment. Just push it down until it clicks into place and is secure. The bag will drape over the connection when you put it in correctly.

Does this model come in other colors?

No. Unfortunately white is the only color available for the canister on this model.

What is the length of the hose?

The hose is over seven feet in length. It will reach up a couple of stairs without extensions. With the additional plastic pieces, this model will reach halfway up or down a standard flight of stairs.

How long are the extension pieces?

When you put all the pieces on the hose, the extensions will measure nearly four feet (ca. 1.2 meters). You can purchase additional hoses or extensions should one break.

Can you put a power head on this version?

No. This model uses a specific design for cleaning rugs. A motorized head would cause too much friction. It may unravel a carpet before the user could stop the machine.

Does this sweeper have wheels?

Yes. This model uses rubber wheels to help it glide from carpet to hardwood floors. You may like how easy this machine moves across the thicker surface and slides across wood floors.

Can I use this model on my rugs?

Absolutely. The Miele Compact C1 is a part of the Pure Suction line. These cleaners do not use powered cleaning heads. Instead, they rely solely on suction to remove dirt and debris from the surfaces of floor mats, animal beds, carpet tiles, and rugs. These machines do not deep-clean floors.

Our last thoughts on the Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction

We like how versatile and user-friendly the Compact C1 is for most owners. The lightness and the small size of this model make it easy to store in a tiny apartment or condo. The slender size is helpful for people who need to use the cleaner in several locations. This model uses 1,200 watts of power to suck up large and small debris from carpet and hard floors. We like this vacuum because it works excellent for rugs. Many models are not easy enough for use on rugs because of the beater bar, but this model only uses suction to clean.

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