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Vacuuming is an essential part of everyday life. We always have a mess to spot clean or a floor to sweep before company arrives. When you have guests coming with no notice, then a powerful vacuum can help you get rid of dust bunnies and debris on the go. When the cat knocks over a potted plant, then grabbing the Miele Compact C1 Turbo may make short work of the mess.

If you travel a lot or own a second home, then maybe you take your sweeper on the road. Having a powerful vacuum with a large volume might make cleaning any home easier. You may find this model is preferable to similar vacuums because it has the motorized brush and the suction only powerhead. You can choose which tool you need for the job.

Making quick work of dusting the ceiling fan might be easier with this vacuum. The telescoping handle and long extension wand give you several feet of additional reach. With the dusting tip, you can gently loosen dust from delicate items like blind slats, thin curtains, and household decor.

Breathing cleaner air may be especially important when you have a child with asthma or someone with breathing issues in the home. The Miele sealed filtration system locks in dust and prevents it from escaping the machine. You may appreciate the locking collar for the collection bag. An exhaust filter stops motor debris and dirt from getting into the air. Fine German manufacturing ensures the air you breathe is cleaner after you use this sweeper.

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A Quick Look At The Compact C1 by German Manufacturer Miele

Name: Miele Compact C1 Turbo PowerLine; Weight: 14.8 pounds (ca. ca. 7 kilograms); Cleaning reach: 29.5 feet (ca. 9 meters); Color: Black with gray accents


  • Triple filter protection with an engine filter, self-sealing bag collar, and exhaust filter
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Compact size for easy storage and use in homes with small square footage
  • Excellent for picking up pet hair and dirt with the turbo air brush
  • Quick-stop configuration for moving things and grabbing the door if someone comes when sweeping
  • Soft bristles for using to dust parquet floors
  • Powerful Vortex motor
  • Six suction settings for light and heavy-duty cleaning
  • Air power rotating brush
  • Quick clip accessories for easy access
  • Safe for oriental and area rugs using the light settings with rug designation


  • Some buyers feel the design uses cheap plastic
  • No rubber furniture protector
  • May be difficult to navigate on medium or higher pile carpets

FAQs about the Miele Compact C1 Turbo

Understanding what comes with, and how to use, your home cleaning equipment may make your housework a little easier. This area of the article will talk about things people wonder about the vacuum. We answer many common questions below.

Does this vacuum come from China?

This item is a product of genuine high-quality German craftwork. The company has decades of experience creating premium tools for cleaning floors and homes. Sometimes, the parts go to China for assembly, but all components go through German factories during production.

What does air seal mean?

The Miele PowerLine products come with a technology the manufacturer dubs as AirClean Filtration. This innovative filter set uses an exhaust and motor filter to reduce debris transfer between the machine and the air. The bag also has a self-sealing mechanism that goes around the neck of the bag to ensure no dirt escapes between the hose and the bag. All three filters and seals work together to keep air quality levels high.

What is the canister?

The canister is the tank of the vacuum. This is the large portion of the machine that sits on the floor and holds the debris the hose collects.

What bags does this vacuum take?

The Miele Compact C1 Turbo uses the FJM bags. To ensure you get the right technology to keep the system sealed, be sure to purchase the bags that say AirClean on the package.

How long is the cord?

This vacuum has a good reach at about 18 feet (ca. 5.49 meters) long. This number is just the length of the cord. The hose and extensions add over ten feet more of reach. You can easily use this product to reach the top of ceiling fans, crown molding, and curtain rods.

Does the cord auto retract?

Yes. You should press down the button with the plug on it. As you hold the button, the cord will automatically rewind.

What accessories come with this model?

This product comes with three additional tools. A crevice cleaning piece is thin and flat to get behind pillows and cushions. This tool may work best when vacuuming against heavy furniture. You might also like using this attachment for cleaning out vehicles and outdoor toys.

Another attachment is the dust brush with soft bristles. This tool may be the best one for thin fabrics and rugs. You can use this item to loosen dust and remove dirt.

Finally, the upholstery tool gives you a smaller head to pinpoint where you want to concentrate the suction. Additionally, you can use this item to remove small messes along the stairs or next to furniture.

Can you purchase an electric powerhead for this model?

No. This model uses a turbo air nozzle for concentrated cleaning, but there are no electric powerheads for this unit.

How do I get hair out of the bristles?

We find the best way to remove debris from the brush is to use a sharp object like a knife or scissors to first cut the debris. Your hand might work best to get between the bristles first. Then you can use the suction nozzle to pull out the hair.

Will this sweeper pick up the dirt or blow it away?

This powerful tool uses a 1,200-watt motor that provides a lot of suction power. Using the right tool for the task will help ensure that the machine sucks up the dirt instead of blowing it away. If you find you are having an issue with the machine blowing dirt, then adjusting the height of the cleaning head may help. You can also adjust the power settings or try a different attachment to improve the way the machine cleans.

Can I go between my hard floors and rugs with the same powerhead?

Yes, usually. Delicate rugs and items with thin edges may go into the turbohead if you use too high a setting. We suggest working from the middle to see how powerful the suction is on the setting you choose to see if it is too much or too little. Then, you can adjust the power to your needs.

Will this sweeper scratch Limestone floors?

No. The soft parquet floorhead will work best for this application. This tool will remove dust and debris from the surface without damaging it.

How wide is the primary head?

It is over 10 inches (ca. 25 centimeters) wide, giving you a large path to clean wide rooms and big areas.

Can I use the air nozzle on hardwood floors?

Yes. This attachment uses a rubber coating to protect your floors when transitioning from soft to hard surfaces.

Will this unit get up cat and dog hair?

Yes. The air-powered brush will pick up hair and strings from low pile carpets and rugs. This tool works excellent on hard surfaces as well. You may not want to use this machine on thick carpets. It does not have the brush for these surfaces.

Is this vacuum loud?

While any cleaning tool can be loud in the right conditions, this model has a quiet operation setting. You can use this mode for times when the baby is asleep or you need to clean up a mess late at night.

Can you push this sweeper comfortably?

Yes. You should find this vacuum goes across hardwood floors and low pile carpets with no problem. If you try to take this carpet across shag or high piles, then it may not move so well.

Final recommendations about the Compact C1 Turbo

When you need a vacuum that you can use on multiple surfaces, then you might prefer this model. The Miele Compact C1 is lightweight and easy to operate. Six settings give you plenty of options for cleaning the entire house. The nozzle works well for small areas where you need to remove built-up dust. The parquet floor head gives you a wide cleaning path for bigger messes. Use light suction for delicate fabrics and furniture or full suction to remove dust from your hard floors.

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