Miele Complete C2 Hardfloor PowerLine

Miele Complete C2 Hardfloow Powerline
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Purchasing a vacuum that can perform all the tasks you need may be important to people with busy lifestyles, hectic work schedules, kids, pets, or tons of traffic. A tool with the power to suck up small and large debris may be important for fast cleanup jobs. When you only have a few minutes to tidy up before company comes, then you may appreciate a combination sweeper like the Miele Complete C2 Hardfloor PowerLine that you can adapt and use in many ways.

Many homeowners keep vacuums in several rooms to tidy up the space and present a good appearance for guests. While cleaning is important, you may not have a lot of time to spend vacuuming. A machine like the Miele Complete C2 sweeper may make your job easier because of how easy it is to switch tools.

Having a machine that can effectively remove contaminants from the air as it works might be an excellent option for people with dust allergies. A clean home means constant dust removal. The 1,200 watt motor in this model is a Vortex engine that provides a ton of suction power. Getting rid of dust in the corner and picking up debris from the top of shelves, cabinets, or curtains can reduce allergy symptoms like sneezing and runny noses. To reach high places, the extension wands give you more length without reducing the suction you need to get the cobwebs.

The Miele Complete C2 sweeper is a diverse product that offers you several ways to clean. You can use the suction tool to remove dirt from tight spaces and large areas with no need to switch out the head. When you want a different attachment, the pieces are quick to grab sitting on a tray inside the top of the canister tank.

This is just one of many amazing Miele vacuums. Check out our guide to the best Miele vacuums for more options.

A Quick Look at the Complete C2

Model: Complete C2 Hardfloor from Miele; Weight: 19.51 pounds (ca. 9 kilograms); Color: Blue with black and white trim; Power: 1,200 watts


  • Powerful Vortex motor
  • AirClean self-sealing and filtering system
  • Six settings for low noise, hard floors, light cleaning, delicate jobs, rugs, and deep-down messes
  • Internal storage compartment for attachments on the top of the canister
  • Parquet floor accessory to provide 180 degrees of cleaning room
  • Self-winding cord
  • Dust brush, thin, flat tool, and an upholstery tool
  • Adjustable handle and powerhead
  • Sit and stand technology for stopping to greet customers or take care of the kids
  • Long hose and cord to reach across big spaces
  • Contoured hand grip for comfortable use


  • May not be good for removing pet hair
  • Is not a good option for medium to thick piles
  • The motor may work best in places with altitudes of 1,300 (ca. 396 meters) to 4,000 feet (ca. 1,219 meters) above sea level


Operating a diverse machine means understanding the different ways the machine is useful. Things like what filters you use and what surfaces you can clean with each head may be important. In this portion of the review, we will give you in-depth information about the most common questions regarding the Miele Complete C2 vacuum.

Can you put a HEPA filter in this vacuum?

Yes. You can buy an aftermarket HEPA filter to replace the original filter in this model. The box will say HEPA AirClean 50. The bag must be an AirClean model to ensure it will seal the collar around the connection between the bag and the canister. If you do not use the correct bag, then dust and dirt will get back into the air. With proper use, this vacuum will leave the room air cleaner after the sweeping is complete than before starting.

Is this vacuum too strong to use on my precious rugs?

No. There are six different settings and three tools you can use besides the original powerhead. You may want to experiment with the lightest settings and the smallest tools until you find the right combination for your rugs. We suggest beginning in the middle to see how the machine operates before moving to the outer edges. You may find the sweeper pulls fringe in quickly, so this machine may not work best for these carpet styles.

Does this model have a light to tell you when the bag is full?

No. However, there is a full bag indicator. The window will show an orange or red color, signaling it is time to change the filter bag. These bags hold almost five quarts of material. You may find you can go several weeks or months between bag changes when you have light cleaning or small areas.

Do you have to reset the vacuum after changing the bag?

No. The filter indication window will go back to white when you swap out the collection bag.

What bags should I put in my Complete C2 Hardfloor machine?

Miele G/N bags are the appropriate model number for replacement bags.

Does the cord wind up by itself?

You will need to press the retract button, but yes, this model winds the cord up for you.

Does this model use a bristle brush?

No. The motorheads only use suction to pick up dirt and debris.

Do I need to sweep my floors with a broom before using this machine?

No. There is no reason to use a manual sweeper before operating your Miele Complete. This vacuum works for picking up large quantities of dust and debris from most hardwood floors and low pile carpets. You can use this machine on tile floors, laminate, hardwoods, and parquet floors using the parquet tool or the wide-angle attachment.

What is the size of this vacuum?

The full size of this machine is 19 feet (ca. 6 meters) by 11 feet (ca. 3.35 meters) by 8 feet (ca. 2.44 meters).

Can I clean my couch and chairs with this machine?

Yes. This machine uses an upholstery attachment and setting to allow users to clean furniture. The second lightest setting is for upholstery cleaning.

Is the cleaner good for carpet?

Yes. You may find this machine acceptable for low carpets. However, we do not suggest trying to use this model to remove deep-down messes in thick rugs or carpets. It does not have the brush to move around fibers to get down to the mat for full dirt removal.

How far does this vacuum reach?

This vacuum will reach a full 33 feet (ca. 10 meters) from the outlet to the end of the hose with full extension.

How often should I change the bag in my vacuum?

Every person is different. The length of time between changing vacuum cleaner bags might be one month or it could be as much as six months. The range is so large because some people have smaller spaces to keep clean. Others might use their vacuum to clean out cars, boats, ATV floors, coolers, or other outdoor items. You may also find this sweeper handy for light garage floor cleaning.

Can I sweep hard floors and carpet with the same head?

Yes. This model features a cleaning head that will transition easily from hard surfaces to ones with fibers like rugs or carpet. To get a better clean, you may need to adjust the power setting or the height on the head.

What is the cord length?

The length of the cord is 21 feet (ca. 6.4 meters).

When do I service my machine?

We recommend Miele vacuum owners see a repair technician once a year for a thorough check and cleanup. This time gives the specialist the opportunity to check out springs and connectors to ensure they are in good shape. He or she can inspect the internal mechanisms and ensure the motor is clean and oiled. If there are any problems, then the technician can give you a heads up that something is going to wear out so that you can budget for the fix.

Where do they make Miele vacuums?

Germany. These products come from a high-end manufacturer with over 200 years of experience creating helpful household products.

Our Final Word On The Complete C2

When you need a vacuum that will do all the tasks you need, then the Miele Complete C2 may be the right product for you. This vacuum offers a variety of cleaning options, including quick dust removal for hardwood floors. You can even use this model to dust your delicate sheer curtains. It will work for your precious rugs, to clean out the trunk, and to vacuum the steps on the boat.

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