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When you have a large family, pets, or both, then purchasing a premium quality vacuum to keep your home tidy is necessary. Whether you have breathing issues or want cleaner air, choosing a product with HEPA filtration and an enclosed vacuum system may be your primary concern. The Miele Complete C3 Brilliant has several excellent features, including the closed air system to protect your home environment.

This vacuum uses a strong motor to help you power out dirt out of your hardwood, tile, ceramic, and laminate floors. This product is acceptable for all carpet heights. The 1,200-watt engine generates the necessary amount of power to get down to the bottom of the fibers to reach the bulk of dirt and debris.

The SEB-236 Powerhead that Miele provides with this package gives you the torque and suction concentration to pull up nappy fibers and bring your carpets back to life. This motorhead uses electric power to rotate the brushes and lift flat fibers. It also adjusts to five different heights depending on the flooring type you are cleaning.

Do you have pets? Animal hair can get everywhere. When you have two or three pets shedding at the same time, it may seem like you cannot stay on top of the mess. The Brilliant model is useful because the premium electro brushhead oscillates with enough RPM’s to loosen and pick up fine or thick hair.

When you have several surfaces in your home or office, then using a versatile tool that can adjust the height automatically can save time and your back. Another helpful thing for keeping you from bending over is the plug rewind button you can press with your foot. The power button is the same way. All you have to do is plug and unplug your Miele Complete C3 Brilliant.

Having kids means stopping what you are doing a million times before you finish the job. The dynamic handle on the cleaning wand lets you get to the controls fast. The power and suction buttons are on the front of the ergonomic handle and the canister, so no matter what, you can shut off the sweeper to see what is going on in the house.

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Quick guide to the Miele Brilliant

Name: Miele Complete C3 Brilliant PowerLine vacuum; Weight: 35.5 pounds with the performance package; Color: Brown with black and silver accents; HEPA filter: Yes


  • Deluxe materials and fine German construction
  • Six power settings for dusting, deep-cleaning, and restoring worn carpets
  • Better breathing with the AirClean system that fully contains dust and debris
  • Exhaust filter to prevent motor dust from penetrating the air
  • Premotor filter for efficient operation and extending engine life
  • Diverse range of cleaning for hardwoods all the way to shag carpets and premium Turkish rugs
  • Lightweight canister model is easy to carry on stairs and between rooms
  • Long cord reach
  • Extendable hose to get to the top of the room
  • Self-rewinding power cord
  • Comes with XL parquet brush for a wide swath of cleaning
  • Rocker switch for going from carpet to hardwood or vice versa
  • LED light strip across the front of the primary motorhead allows users to see under furniture while dusting and cleaning
  • Three cleaning tools to get into cracks and care for delicate items when dusting
  • Large rubber bumper to prevent damage while operating


  • May build up a lot of static on carpets and rugs
  • Cord tangles easily
  • Some users find the vacuum shuts off for no reason
  • A few consumers complain the brush stops operating after about a year


Before purchasing a major cleaning tool, many consumers ask a lot of questions. Here is the area where we will give you the answers to some of these queries. You can find more information about this specific model in the user manual.

What is the decibel rating for this vacuum?

On the highest setting, this sweeper emits 64 decibels without the powerhead. This number increases when using this tool. However, the noise rating only goes to 75 decibels which is below the threshold for hearing damage. The noise is merely annoying at this stage. There is a quiet operating mode for this model. You can find it by looking for the ear icon on the canister. Pushing this button will put the motor in everyday operation mode and keep the noise at a comfortable operating range.

How does the Brilliant compare to the Miele Marin?

This vacuum is more expensive because it has the fingertip controls and the foot pedals the user can operate to turn the vacuum on and off. This model also has a wider motorhead to give you a bigger cleaning path. One of the most notable advantages of the Brilliant is the longer warranty on everything. It has 10 years warranty on the motor and the casing where the Marin only comes with a seven-year guarantee. The consumable parts like the hose and wand have a five-year warranty instead of only one-year.

How many and what kind of bags come with the performance kit?

This package comes with 16 GN bags, AirClean certified bags from Miele. The kit also includes the HEPA filter and four premotor filters to prevent dust and contaminants from getting into the inner workings of the engine.

Should I use the powerhead on my hardwood floors?

You can use this head on a lower suction setting. You can also change the powerhead to the combination smooth floor brush. This cleaning head is soft for gliding over tile and wood to help you remove dust without worrying about damaging your delicate floors.

Does the Brilliant have lights?

Yes. This model comes with a long LED light strip on the front of the SEB-236 powerhead. These lights are powerful enough to see under furniture and dark corners. There are LED lights on the underside of the motorhead.

What is the length of the power cord?

The electric cord on the Miele Complete C3 Brilliant is 23 feet long. The vacuum can reach a full 36 feet from the plug to the end of the extension wand when the tube is at full extension. This range gives most users enough length to reach across rooms without needing to plug the vacuum into another outlet. You can also reach up or down an entire flight of stairs with this cord length.

Are the C1 vacuums smaller than the C3 Brilliant?

Yes. These models feature a slightly smaller canister. The bag in the Brilliant can hold over a gallon of debris where the C1 models hold just over 3.5 liters of dust and contaminants. The tanks are a little bigger on the C3 models, but they are still small enough to be portable and easy to manage around stairs and small rooms.

What attachments come with the Miele Complete C3 Brilliant?

Three accessories come with the Miele Brilliant. A dusting wand attaches to the end of the hose to help you get dirt and debris off from the top of curtain rods, window sills, and large furniture. A thin, crevice tool helps users get along mattress edges, bed frames, and table legs. You can also use this accessory to help you clean between car seats and upholstered items. There is a designated upholstery tool that you can use on the main part of the seat and cloth furniture. This tool is excellent for use on stairs with thin carpet treads.

What is the hose length for the Brilliant?

The hose reaches six feet long with full extension.

Do I need to replace the HEPA filter every time I put in a new bag?

No. This filter usually lasts about a year. If you use your vacuum for a cleaning business, then the time between replacing will be much shorter. There is an indicator bar on the filter that will turn a solid color when the filter needs changing.

What are the park lights?

These lights make it easy to see the vacuum as you put it away. The LED strip will stay on for a minute after you turn off the vacuum, so you can see where you are putting the canister and the hose.

Final thoughts about purchasing the Compact C3 Brilliant Complete

We like how powerful the motorhead with the Brilliant is for cleaning up pet hair and powering out tough dirt. This vacuum might be one of the best in the lineup for spring cleaning. We like how well the suction and the SEB-236 powerhead pull up the carpet in high-traffic areas and fluff up the material, making it look cleaner and better. You may appreciate the three cleaning heads and additional lighting on this model.

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