Miele Complete C3 Calima PowerLine

Miele Complete C3 Calima PowerLine
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When you or a family member have breathing issues, allergies, or a sensitive immune system, then a good vacuum might be essential. You may find a product with HEPA filters is beneficial for keeping the air clean as you sweep. The sealed system keeps dust in the bag, and out of the air you breathe. The Miele Complete Calima C3 PowerLine is a product that may make life easier for people with breathing difficulties.

The turbobrush tool is an effective item for lifting hair, dust, and debris. This powerhead will ensure people with allergies can get hardwoods and low to medium pile carpets clean. The powerful Vortex motor provides great suction with 1,200 watts of power at your fingertips on full force. This sweeper comes with six modes of suction for several ways to operate this machine.

The Miele Complete C3 Calima is useful for cleaning all areas of your home. It gives you the versatility you need to go from hard surfaces to fabric with ease. This powerhead will work on a variety of surfaces, so there is no need to switch implements when you vacuum rugs or carpet after sweeping your tile floors or laminate.

The attachments for this model provide a wide range of cleaning functions. For example, the dust tool is a great item for reaching up high. If you need more length, then the extension wands will help you reach the ceiling or tops of doorways. We like that you can use different power options for thin curtains or high suction to pull out the dust from the crevices of your patterned ceiling.

Miele offers fantastic options for all of your vacuuming needs. Take a look at the best Miele vacuums for additional ideas.

Sweeper Fast Check: Miele Complete C3 PowerLine

Name: Calima; Weight: 20 pounds (ca. 9 kilograms); Attachments: Yes; HEPA filter: Yes


  • Sturdy stainless wand
  • 36 feet (ca. 11 meters) of cleaning reach
  • Parquet floor brush head
  • ABS plastic with high-quality strength boosting materials
  • Motor silencer for quiet operating
  • Extendable handle for extra reach
  • Three attachments including a crevice tool
  • Rubber bumper to protect furniture as you use the machine
  • Lightweight body for easier maneuvering
  • Premium German construction
  • Safe for cleaning area rugs, delicate fabrics, and upholstery
  • Easy to fit under low-profile furniture


  • May be hard to use on higher pile carpeting
source: miele.com


Here we will list the most common queries about the Calima Complete. We will give you our best answers to these questions. We hope this helps you make the right purchasing decision for your needs.

Does this vacuum come with an extension wand?

No. This model design comes with a telescoping handle that extends out to take the place of separate wands. This design incorporates the additional length into the primary tube to keep the pieces the user must maintain at a minimum. The wand is easy to operate with a twist of the black collar in the middle of the wand. To put the wand back to the original length, all you have to do is turn the black handle again and slide the extension down and tighten the collar to secure it at a comfortable length.

Where do they make this sweeper?

This product is a genuine Miele machine from Germany. The company is a long-time manufacturer of premium cleaning machines like the Calima. They produce many lines of vacuums like the PowerLine and the Compact series sweepers.

Can I use this sweeper on my Oriental rugs?

Yes. This machine has a setting specific for delicate rug cleaning. On the top of the canister, you will find six icons inside four buttons. There are a plus and minus sign on the top, and a power indicator and cord button on the bottom. The icon with the rug symbol is the third one in the middle. This button is the setting you should begin with for rug cleaning. You can adjust the suction up and down with the plus and minus buttons above the icons.

Does this vacuum come in other colors?

The Calima C3 model comes in two shades of yellow. A curry yellow and a canary color are the two choices. The canary yellow is a bright yellow tone. The curry is a more muted color, like a gray, yellow tone.

What is the performance pack?

The performance pack is the Miele Complete C3 Calima vacuum with an extra HEPA filter. The kit comes with four motor filters and 16 additional filter bags with the self-sealing collar. This pack will last approximately two years for most users.

Can I use this vacuum to clean my car?

Yes. We recommend using this sweeper to remove dust, dirt, and debris from a variety of vehicles and buildings. The crevice tool may be a huge help when you want to get around the gas pedal and the areas where the seat attaches to the frame.
You can use this vacuum to keep your office tidy and neat. The dusting attachment has soft bristles to clean between the keys on your keyboard. This attachment will also work well for getting the dust off of books, plant leaves, and partition walls. This machine will travel well because it is a canister model you can stow in your trunk.

Will this model work for cleaning out an old camper?

Yes. You can use this sweeper for vacuuming bunk beds, coolers, cabinets, mattresses, and more. The attachments and various power settings will allow you to find the cleaning power you need for each task. Plus, the HEPA filtration and sealed system will ensure you are keeping the inside environment clean and free of allergens.

How heavy is this sweeper?

This model weighs 20 pounds (ca. 9 kilograms). The performance pack ships at 35.5 pounds (ca. 16 kilograms).

Can I clean my stairs with this vacuum?

Absolutely. The upholstery tool will work for stairs with carpet, and you can use the turbohead for wider stair treads. If you have hardwood stairs, then the parquet floor tool will be a softer head for this application.

What accessories come with this vacuum?

This vacuum comes with three attachments for custom cleaning jobs. The crevice tool helps you get along walls and ceilings. Corners are easier to clean with this attachment.
An upholstery brush will give you the additional power you need to pull dirt up from the cording along couch seams and between threads. This tool is excellent for cleaning up small messes, It will help you dust the tops of chairs and remove animal fur.
A dust brush is a small, circular tool that concentrates the suction to help you keep particles from getting back into the air. Using this tool will loosen dust, and the powerful Vortex motor will pull it into the hose before it can get into the air. Using this vacuum will ensure your air is cleaner after you use it than before you vacuum.

How tall is the Calima?

This canister portion of the vacuum measures 16 inches (ca. 41 centimeters) by 10 inches (ca. 25 centimeters) by 10 inches (ca. 25 centimeters). This model is small enough to store in a tiny closet or transport to different locations. The small size of this vacuum allows the user to take it up and down stairs to use on various levels.

Does this vacuum work for pet hair?

Yes. While this model is not specifically for pet hair removal, it does have the suction power you need for this task.

How many filters are in this machine?

There are a total of three filters for the Calima C3. The bag is a filter bag with a collar that seals itself around the hose. Then, a HEPA filter in front of the engine reduces dust traveling through the machine. Finally, an exhaust filter prevents any dust and dirt from getting out of the vacuum as the air exits it.

What bags does this vacuum use?

This model uses the Miele AirClean System GN vacuum cleaner bags. A blue collar on the neck of the bag will have arrows that show how to line up the bag with the connector on the hose. The bag neck will slide into the collar and lock it into place.

Our Final Word on the Calima Complete C3

The Calima Complete may be an excellent tool for total cleaning. This sweeper is an effective tool for removing dust and allergens. Buyers can use this model to remove everyday dirt and debris from homes, vehicles, garages, businesses, and more. This model is a full package with an extendable handle for reaching to the top of the ceiling and a variety of attachments for every surface from top to bottom. We recommend this vacuum for people with breathing issues, families, and lots of traffic.

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