Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine Vacuum

Pets are often the joys of our lives. These animals can bring a lot of love and hair into our homes. You may appreciate and need a vacuum with the specific design to remove stubborn pet hair. The Complete line of vacuums uses fine German engineering to create a product that lasts decades and stands up to everyday cleaning and tough jobs.

The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum has several modes and attachments that allow you to clean from floor to ceiling. The extendable handle gives you double the reach when you want to dust your cornices or crown molding. The circular dusting attachment helps you remove particles from your blinds and drapes. The parquet floor cleaner is a thin, flat head that uses a low profile to allow you to reach under most furniture, baseboards, and appliances.

When you have pets, the high-traffic areas of your carpet tend to pack down and flatten. The powerhead on this Miele vacuum uses a high concentration of suction to pull up these fibers and fluff up carpets. This item is excellent for carpet restoration projects and heavy cleaning.

Breathing better is important to every family. This vacuum from Miele uses a complete filtration and sealing system to clean and improve the air quality inside your home. The Miele vacuum bags are special filter bags that use proprietary fabric densities and materials to keep dirt and dust inside the bag. A collar seals the neck of the bag where it connects to the hose to prevent any contaminants from getting back into the room from this point.

A pre-motor seal and a HEPA filter remove dust inside the canister and keeps the motor clean. Minimizing dust in this area protects the motor and keeps it running efficiently. Finally, an exhaust seal prevents any debris from exiting the motor as it operates.

The electric motorhead is powerful for medium to high pile carpets and getting up pet hair. This tool is the most powerful in this series, allowing users to get out deep-down dirt and grime. This tool will clean vehicles, patio furniture, tree houses, workbenches, and more. The Electro Plus brush removes pet hair from stair treads and helps you keep your furniture and floors clean.

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The Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog at a glance

Vacuum Line: PowerLine Complete C3 for Pets; Weight: 20 pounds (ca. 9 kilograms); Color: White with black and gray trim; HEPA filter: Yes


  • Quiet operation mode for regular use and times when you have to vacuum and keep noise to a minimum
  • Massive cleaning expanse topping out at 36.5 feet (ca. 11 meters)
  • Durable, stainless steel cleaning wand
  • Contoured grip for times when you use the vacuum a lot
  • Five adjustments for height and getting under low-profile objects
  • Electric powerhead for removing pet hair and tough stains
  • Works on all floor surfaces
  • Flat, parquet head
  • Three attachments for full room cleaning
  • Adjustable suction
  • Easy winding cord with push-button control so you do not have to bend over much
  • Miele genuine air seal system
  • Rubber guard to protect the furniture and baseboards as you work
  • Dual parking for either side


  • Wands might break
  • No automatic sensing floor height controls means swapping settings every time you switch rooms if you have several flooring types
  • The weight may make this model too heavy for some users
  • Machine may stop working with no warning


Before purchasing a vacuum for cleaning up pet hair, most animal owners ask several questions. We attempt to cover most of these below. We give you the most recent information about this model in this section.

How tall is this vacuum?

The Miele Complete C3 is one of the taller items in the lineup. It measures 23 inches by 15 inches by 16 inches. This measurement is for the size of the tank.

What bags does this sweeper use?

To replace the bags in this vacuum, you will need to purchase the Miele GN sweeper bags. You will want to make sure they say AirClean on the package. Without this insignia, the bags do not have the proper material thickness to optimize the suction level. The vacuum works best with genuine Miele filter bags.

Is there a HEPA filter in this vacuum?

Yes. The Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog comes standard with a high-quality particulate and dust filter. This HEPA filter removes dust and debris from the inside of the motor, preventing it from getting in the air and keeping the engine clean for top efficiency. The filtration system works to clean the air you breathe while vacuuming.

Does the cord wind itself up?

Yes. Locate the plug icon below the exhaust filter on the top of the canister. Push this button with your hand or foot, and the cord will rewind automatically. Stop holding the button to keep the cord from moving.

Does this model have a light on the motorhead?

No. The motorhead does not have a light to help you see under the furniture.

How long is the hose?

The hose is a full 85 inches (ca. 2.16 meters) long.

What is the size of the extension wand?

When you open the cleaning wand to full size, it is 36 inches (ca. 0.91 meters) long.

What prong plug is this model?

The plug for the Complete C3 is a two-prong plug.

Will this sweeper be safe for my hard floors?

Yes. All the motorheads from Miele are safe to go from carpets to wood to stone to rugs without changing heads. You can switch out the electro plus brushhead for the suction only head if you want to be extra careful.

What material is the collar on the bag?

This piece is a plastic part. You can remove it to recycle it, but the bag will not keep the seal without it.

What attachments come with the Complete C3 Cat and Dog?

There are three pieces that make cleaning easier when using the Miele Complete C3. The dust brush is a small, round tool with soft bristles that make it easy to lift dust and small contaminants from every surface in your home or office. The crevice nozzle is a fine, flat tool that gets between cushions and helps you suck up debris next to heavy or immovable objects. Items like car seats, appliances, and stairs are some places you can use this tool.

An upholstery tool lets you clean your cloth furniture. Items like beds, sofas, and ottomans are quick to clean with this accessory. This tool helps loosen pet hair and keep your fabrics looking fresh and vibrant.

Where do the attachments go?

This model has a tray where you can stow the accessories. The compartment is on the top of the canister.

Does the motor filter use a charcoal cartridge?

You can purchase charcoal filters for this model.

How often should I take my vacuum in for service?

Once a year is the recommendation from the manufacturer.

Does this model use the contoured handle for a more comfortable grip?

Yes. The Complete C3 uses an ergonomic handle for people with arthritis and trouble holding objects for long periods.

Can you buy a new beater bar if yours wears out?

Yes. You can purchase replacement parts online or through a Miele dealer.

Is there a belt I have to worry about breaking?

No. These models only use filters. There are no belts.

What is the powerhead bundle option?

This bundle gives people the option to purchase a package with an extra HEPA filter, 16 GN Miele bags, and four pre-motor filters when buying the Complete C3 Cat and Dog PowerLine sweeper.

How long does the exhaust filter last?

This filter has a 50-hour lifespan. This part will last most users about a year. A red indicator bar will be completely red when it is time to replace this filter.

Does this vacuum have an auto-shutoff?

If you operate the sweeper for over 30 minutes, then it is important to remove the cord from the wall. The heat can build up in the motor without removing the plug. If the engine overheats, then the sweeper will shut off and not start until it reaches a lower, safer operating temperature.

Why we like the Complete C3 Cat & Dog sweeper

This vacuum gives us versatility and full cleaning power in one package. We love the accessory storage tray and the 1,200-watt motor. The Electro Plus powerhead is an excellent tool for removing tough dirt and getting up pet hair. This vacuum is light and portable, giving us plenty of options to take it with us when camping, vacationing, or visiting family.

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