Miele Complete C3 Marin PowerLine Review

Miele Complete C3 Marin Powerline Cannister Vacuum
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Restoring and deep cleaning your carpet is no one’s favorite chore. This job is often difficult and time-consuming. However, Miele is helping homeowners combat this problem with the Complete C3 Marin PowerLine vacuum.

This model uses a powerful German motor to help pull up carpet fibers and suck out the dirt and debris down to the mat. Repairing the look of high-traffic areas may be better when using the electric powerhead with bristles to move the fibers and help fluff them up.

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This vacuum uses a triple filtration system and air seal technology to clean the air as you sweep. This machine comes with a HEPA filter and bag seals to prevent dust and debris from blowing back into the room. When you clean your carpets, the air is of better quality because of the AirClean system in this vacuum.

Do you have pets? Do your rugs look flat and worn? The Marin uses powerful tools like an upholstery brush and the parquet floorhead to help you get your furniture and floors clean. You can use this canister vacuum to clean basements, attics, and all your living spaces.

One of the most convenient things about this sweeper is it automatically adjusts the suction as you navigate rooms. When you go onto a rug or carpet from hard floors, the suction increases. This model dials in the power by sensing the flooring type, making your tidying faster and easier.

If you have a bad back, then you might appreciate the self-winding cord in the Marin. The only thing you have to do to activate the winding mechanism is to use your foot to push the button with the plug on it. This feature along with the ergonomic handle helps users with arthritis and other issues get through daily chores.

Many users like the Marin because it lasts for several years. This motor for the Marin can last for 20 years on average. Having a vacuum last this long means homeowners save money in the long run. Plus, with regular maintenance, there will be no worry about the sweeper breaking down. The maintenance technician can tell you when the vacuum is wearing out during your yearly maintenance check.

The Pros and Cons Of the Miele Complete C3 Marin Powerline

Name: Complete C3 Marin; Weight: With performance package 35 pounds (ca. 16 kilograms); Color: Blue with gray and black accents; HEPA filter: Yes


  • Sealed dust collection system to remove airborne contaminants and improve the environment
  • Long-lasting components using premium German manufacturing and innovative technologies
  • High-quality materials and durable components
  • Contoured handle with easy grip and attachment switching
  • 1,200-watt engine with powerful Vortex suction
  • Six-speed automatically adjusting suction control
  • Extendable stainless steel cleaning wand
  • Powerful cleaning for picking up hair and pet fur
  • Flat head for navigating near walls, under low furniture, and against heavy furniture and appliances
  • High-impact plastic connectors
  • Easy change bags with color-coded arrows
  • Self-sealing bag neck
  • Allergy and asthma safe HEPA filter
  • Massive sweeping range at 36 feet (ca. 11 meters)
  • Quiet operation mode


  • Parquet head may clog when picking up large amounts of hair or debris using the tool at an angle
  • May need to clear tools often to remove pet hair
  • The small wheel diameter may make it hard to maneuver this vacuum over carpet
  • Wheels collect hair and fur
  • The solid connection where the hose meets the vacuum

FAQs About The Miele Marin Complete C3 PowerLine

Miele Marin Complete C3 PowerLine review

We will give you the answers to the most pressing questions about the Complete C3 Marin here. You can always check with the manufacturer or look for guidance in the user manual if you have other questions.

How do I know which bags to use for the Complete Marin?

This model uses the Miele GN AirClean vacuum bags.

Does this vacuum have furniture guards?

Yes. A rubber bumper goes all the way around the sweeper to keep you from damaging your antiques and cloth furniture.

How is the Marin better than the Cat and Dog model?

This vacuum uses two filters to keep your air clean. A HEPA filter and a charcoal filter work together to keep the room smelling good and fresh. The Marin uses an automatic suction technology where you must change the setting manually on the Cat and Dog version.

Will this sweeper be safe to use on my delicate carpets and rugs?

Yes. To ensure you do not suck up the fringe, you may want to use a suction only floor head like the parquet head.

Can you turn the bristles on and off while you sweep?

Yes. There is a switch on the handle of the extension wand that you can use for this task.

Is there a light to help me see beneath my furniture as I vacuum?

Yes. The motorhead has a light bar with eight LED lights to provide a wide swath of light to help you see under furniture. This light might also help you avoid sucking up small toys, earrings, or other items that could fall on the floor.

What tools or accessories come in the Marin package?

Three primary attachments come with the Marin vacuum. A dust brush with synthetic fibers all around the nozzle helps you remove dust and contaminants from all surfaces. A flat nozzle helps you get along the baseboards and furniture in your house. This tool is great for cleaning out cars, boats, and other vehicles. Finally, an upholstery brush helps you remove dirt and pet hair from your couches and other cloth surfaces.

What filters do I get in the Complete C3 Marin Performance pack?

Two types of filters come with the Performance Pack for your Complete C3 Marin. The HEPA filter that you will put in the canister is in this kit. The package comes with 16 GN filter bags. Four premotor filters are in this kit as well.

Is this model self-propelled?

No. This vacuum does not pull itself. You will have to move it across the carpet or hardwood manually, but this vacuum uses large rubber wheels to make it easier to turn.

Is there a swivel on this hose like older Miele vacuums?

No. The new models do not have a swivel on the hose.

What does the red light on my Marin mean?

The red light is a high-heat indicator. This means your vacuum is overheating. There might be a clog, or the cord can overheat after a long period of use if you do not unplug it when you finish cleaning.

Will the wheels work on a soft carpet?

Yes. The large-diameter wheels are easy to push or pull on low to medium pile floor types and rugs.

How often should I replace the HEPA filter for my Marin?

You may want to change out this filter about once a year.

What is a pre motor filter?

This filter prevents dust and dirt from getting into the engine compartment. Keeping dust out of this area helps the high-power Vortex engine operate efficiently. Less dirt and debris also means this motor will last many years.

Do I have to use the automatic suction all the time?

No. You can change the setting to another one if you do not want to use the auto-sensing feature. This function is useful when getting near the edge of your rugs or loose carpets. It will help prevent you from sucking up the fabric into the motorhead.

What is the size of the extendable wand?

When the wand is not open, it is about 21 inches (ca. 0.53 meters) long. With the extension at full length, it reaches 36 inches (ca. 0.91 meters) long. The high-impact tip is about three inches in length.

How many colors are available for the Marin?

The only color for this model is the standard blue.

Can I sweep under my bed with this model?

Absolutely. This model features a low-profile motorhead that will let the head get flatter to get underneath beds, dressers, and tables.

What is the best way to remove hair from the bristles of the motorheads?

We find that using a wide metal or hard plastic comb works well for getting hair and pet fur out of the bristles of the motorhead and dust brush. If you cannot remove it with these items, then you might need a pair of scissors to cut through the debris first.

What is the length of the cord on the Miele Marin?

The cord stretches out to a full 22 feet (ca. 7 meters).

How often does the belt break with this model?

There is no belt to replace on the Marin. You will only need to replace the bags and filters in this vacuum.

How much do the bags hold?

The Miele GN filter bag holds up to 4.5 liters of debris and dust.

Overall Verdict

We like the Complete C3 Marin. This vacuum has all the characteristics of the previous models, like several modes and foot controls. Plus, the auto-sensing suction may be the most convenient help when cleaning various floor heights.

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